Cruzeiro vs América MG: A Rivalry of Minas Gerais

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publicado em julho/12/2024

Cruzeiro vs América MG: A Rivalry of Minas Gerais
Cruzeiro and América MG are two football clubs from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, who have a long-standing rivalry. This article explores the history, key matches, and current status of this intense local derby.
Cruzeiro vs América MG: A Rivalry of Minas Gerais

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The rivalry between Cruzeiro and América MG is one of the oldest and most passionate in Brazilian football. Both clubs are based in the state of Minas Gerais and have a strong following among their fans.

Cruzeiro, founded in 1921, is considered one of the most successful clubs in Brazilian football history. They have won numerous national championships, including four Campeonato Brasileiro Série A titles and six Copa do Brasil titles. The club also has an impressive international record, with two Copa Libertadores titles and four Recopa Sudamericana titles.

On the other hand, América MG has had a quieter history compared to their rivals. Founded in 1912, they have spent several seasons outside the top flight but managed to win promotion back to Campeonato Brasileiro Série A for the 2021 season.

One of the key factors that fuels this rivalry is geographical proximity. The cities where both clubs are based - Belo Horizonte (Cruzeiro) and Contagem (América MG) - are just a few kilometers apart. This close proximity has led to fierce competition for supporters within the local community.

Over the years, Cruzeiro and América MG have faced each other on multiple occasions in various competitions. The matches between these two teams often attract large crowds due to their historical significance and passionate fanbases.

One particularly memorable match between Cruzeiro and América MG took place during the final rounds of the Campeonato Mineiro (the state championship) in 2016. The match was held at the Mineirão Stadium, one of Brazil's most iconic football grounds. Cruzeiro needed a win to secure the title, while América MG aimed to play spoiler and prevent their rivals from lifting the trophy.

The atmosphere inside the stadium that day was electric, with both sets of fans creating a vibrant and noisy backdrop. Cruzeiro dominated proceedings on the pitch and emerged as winners with a comfortable 3-0 victory. This win secured their 38th Campeonato Mineiro title, further adding to their superiority over América MG in terms of overall trophies won.

In recent years, however, América MG has enjoyed some success against their more illustrious rivals. In the 2020 edition of Campeonato Brasileiro Série B (the second-tier national league), América MG finished as champions while Cruzeiro suffered relegation for the first time in their history. This added an extra dimension to the rivalry, as it marked a role reversal for both clubs.

As of now, Cruzeiro and América MG find themselves in different divisions - Cruzeiro competing in Série B while América MG is back in Série A. Despite this difference in status, their matches continue to be highly anticipated by both sets of supporters.

The rivalry between these two clubs goes beyond just footballing matters. It represents a clash between two communities within Minas Gerais that have distinct identities and traditions associated with each team.

In conclusion, the rivalry between Cruzeiro and América MG is deeply ingrained in the football culture of Minas Gerais. With a long history and intense matches behind them, these two clubs will continue to battle it out on the pitch while capturing the hearts of their passionate fanbases.
Cruzeiro vs América MG: A Rivalry of Minas Gerais

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Cruzeiro vs América MG: A Rivalry of Minas Gerais

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Cruzeiro vs América MG: A Rivalry of Minas Gerais

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Cruzeiro vs América MG: A Rivalry of Minas Gerais

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